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6 Crazy Old Centuries Dental Facts

June 6, 2012

Filed under: Dental Facts — admin @ 9:16 am

Here are 7 interesting and weird centuries old dental facts…

1. Toothpaste

Our predecessors used a mixture of honey and tobacco to cleanse their teeth, or a mixture of lemon juice and grounded charcoal — whichever most convenient! Some even used crushed eggshell, which has abrasive properties, and is filled with Calcium for strong and healthy teeth.

2. Cleaning teeth

Centuries ago, people used some special twigs or their fingers to cleanse their teeth.

3. Black teeth

In the 17th century Japan, women followed an interesting tradition. They were painting their teeth with a black dye, and this was the symbol of faithfulness to their husbands.

4. Dental implants

Today we have dental implants, which are extremely safe, secure and hygienic. A few hundred years back, when dentures, crowns or bridges were inexistent, people with missing teeth still needed a solution. The “dentists” back then used to take a tooth from a dead person and implant it into the mouth of the patient with the missing tooth!

5. Decayed teeth

Hundreds of years ago, only rich people could “afford” smiling around with decayed teeth. Why? Simply because only people from the higher society classes could afford to eat all day fine Belgian chocolates and other sugary treats. Queen Elizabeth I of England did have very decayed teeth because she ate such sugary foods in excess.

6. False teeth

Teeth replacement was in fashion even in the early 18th century. The poor people would usually sell some of their healthy teeth to the rich people, who would use these teeth to make false “implants” for themselves

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