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What is Abscessed Tooth?

November 19, 2017

woman in dental chair holding cheekAn abscess is a pocket of infection that forms around tooth roots. When patients experience these tooth infections, it’s important to seek treatment from a skilled dentist right away. In most cases, abscessed tooth comes along with severe pain or dental damage, so you’ll know it’s time to call the dentist for an emergency visit. However, some patients only see a small bump that may look a pimple on the gums. There are two main types of abscess periapical abscesses form on the top of the tooth root and periodontal abscesses form in the supportive alveolar bone tissue that surrounds your tooth. Keep reading to learn more about dental abscess, restorative dentistry treatments, and how to avoid this oral health concern.

Causes & Symptoms of Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscesses can be caused by a variety of oral health concerns including tooth decay, dental trauma, or gum disease. When you visit the dentist to repair your smile, we’ll examine the abscess and help you understand what might have caused the problem. Call a dentist right away if you experience any of these warning signs of tooth abscess:

  • Toothache or dental sensitivity especially when chewing
  • Irritation, discoloration, or inflammation of the gum tissues
  • Swelling, infection, or small sores in the gums
  • Foul smelling breath
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Difficulty breathing and swallowing
  • Fever, nausea, and other signs of an infection may also occur

Treatments for Tooth Abscess

The treatment for tooth abscess will depend largely on how long you’ve had the abscess. Unfortunately, not every patient experiences negative warning signs of tooth abscess, and these issues often aren’t noticed until a dental appointment. Our first step will be to provide oral and/or topical antibiotics to get rid of the infection. In many cases, root canal, scaling and root planing, and other non-surgical treatments are adequate to renew oral health. In the more severe cases, the dentist may need to surgically drain the pocket formed by the abscess. As a worst case scenario, tooth extraction may be recommended.

Meet the Aesthetic Dentistry by Design Team

If you live in or around Colorado Springs, call Aesthetic Dentistry by Design right away if you notice the warning signs of tooth abscess. We’ll help you with an urgent dental treatment appointment to repair your smile and renew full oral health. Don’t put off treatment for this serious concern. If the infection spreads, you can become very sick. We’re here to help whenever our patients need us.

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