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Seven Tips to keep you smiling this National Smile Month

May 20, 2014

National Smile Month is May 19 – June 19

Is your smile your best accessory?

Since oral health directly impacts the health of the rest of the body, here are some tips to help you smile with health and confidence.

  1. Brush 2 Min./2 Times a Day – Always brush twice a day for two minutes for healthier teeth, good breath, fewer cavities, and to avoid painful dental problems.
  2. 2. Floss Daily
  3. Use Sonicare – It uses ultrasonic sound waves to remove more of the plaque and debris that can be quite difficult to remove with a manual toothbrush.
  4. Make A Dental Appointment – Please call Aesthetic Dentistry by Design 719-599-0700
  5. Cracked, broken, decayed, worn or missing teeth – Missing teeth lead to bone loss, facial aging, speech impairment and nutritional deficiencies.  We encourage you to call our office to schedule a consultation to learn about the life-changing benefits of Dental Implants.
  6. Teeth whitening – Beautiful white teeth are one of the easiest and most immediate ways to help you look younger and more attractive.  Dr. Gasper provides Zoom Teeth Whitening which can make your teeth up to 8 shades brighter in just one visit as well as Deep Bleaching for tough stains.
  7. Beautiful Smile, Well Balanced Face – Orthodontists should address more than straightening teeth. Functional Orthodontics will reshape and reposition the upper and lower jaws.  It has been shown that proper alignment and shape helps avoid problems such as TMJ disorders, migraines, and airway/breathing disorders.

Celebrate National Smile Month with Dr. Gasper and his staff at Aesthetic Dentistry by Design in Colorado Springs. 719-599-0700

Kor Whitening Gets To The Core Surface Stains in Colorado Springs

May 9, 2014

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A bright, confident smile is one of the easiest ways to look younger and more attractive.

Kor Whitening is one of the most popular whitening systems at Aesthetic Dentistry by Design in Colorado Springs.

The Kor Whitening system offers a number of great advantages.

  1. Kor Whitening is a deep bleaching system, so it whitens teeth permanently. In most cases, at-home whitening maintenance is rarely needed.
  2. Kor Whitening’s innovative formula produces low to no tooth sensitivity. It’s a comfortable and fast solution to pesky surface stains!
  3. With the A Kor Whitening application done by a professional, the gum tissue is protected from whitening solution; plus, professional teeth whitening ensures an even application for the teeth’s shade to be evenly matched.

Learn more about deep bleaching in Colorado Springs here.

If you’re ready for whitening that works, call our office today to schedule your Deep Bleaching session with Dr. Gasper. We can’t wait to make your smile spectacular! 719-599-0700

The power of oxygen to whiten teeth

October 24, 2013

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People may experience a dull, yellow or even gray appearance to their teeth for a variety of reasons. Staining from food, beverages, smoking and medications are just some of the common causes of tooth discoloration. Some people genetically have duller color to their teeth.

Dr. Ken Gasper, a leading cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, CO helps  patients achieve whiter and healthier, more oxygen rich teeth with the use of the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System. This system increases the oxygen supply to the teeth as it bleaches, providing maximum dual benefit to patients of both improved color of teeth and overall oral health.

The KoR whitening system works by first dissolving stain molecules that have amassed on the external tooth surface. As this happens, the oxygen that is present in the whitening gel is then allowed to absorb into the teeth.

Learn more about the KoR whitening system at Aesthetic Dentistry by Design. 719-599-0700

Keep Your Teeth Brilliantly White For Life

April 8, 2013

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Aesthetic Dentistry By Design is proud to offer the

It was developed by a dentist, to solve the problems with existing whitening methods, and the results are nothing short of amazing!

KöR is effective for tetracycline and other stubborn stains.

This is a complete system, which is intended to keep your teeth brilliant for life!

If you’re ready for whitening that works, call our office today at 719-599-0700 to schedule your Deep Bleaching session with Dr. Gasper. We can’t wait to make your smile spectacular!

Learn more.