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Dr. Gasper of Aesthetic Dentistry by Design helps Colorado Springs sleep better

July 29, 2011

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Sleep experts say we need between six and eight hours of sleep to feel rested and function at our best during the day.

For some, this simply means going to bed at a reasonable time.

However, there are people who cannot feel rested no matter what time they go to bed because they snore, share the bed with someone who snores, or suffer from sleep apnea.

Causes of Sleep Apnea and Snoring

As we sleep, our muscles are relaxed. When the tongue and throat muscles relax, they can block the airway.

A partial collapse of the airway results in the sound we call snoring. A complete collapse of the airway cuts off breathing and results in an apneic event.

When this happens, you will wake up and begin breathing again because your muscles are no longer relaxed. This may happen as little as five times every hour, or as many as 30 or more times an hour.

Obviously, your sleep pattern is going to be affected.

The SomnoDent MAS is worn over the teeth, much like a sports mouth guard, as you sleep. It pushes the jaw forward from its natural position and, like other oral appliances, keeps the tongue in position and tightens the soft tissue to keep your airway open.

Dr. Ken Gasper of Aesthetic Dentistry by Design in Colorado Springs provides the SomnoDent MAS.  Learn more about it on our website.

Please call 719-599-0700 for your consultation.

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