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Extraction Regret Syndrome – Colorado Springs, CO

Correcting Post-Orthodontic Facial Problems

You wanted to have a straighter smile, so you underwent orthodontic treatment. In order for your braces to succeed, however, you had to have one or more teeth extracted… and now you might feel that, even though your teeth are straight, you don’t quite have the smile you wanted. You may even suffer from frequent headaches or other symptoms. It is possible that you have extraction retraction regret syndrome (ERRS). This page explains what ERRS is and how Dr. Gasper may be able to alleviate it.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentistry by Design for ERRS Relief?

What Is Extraction Regret Syndrome?

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ERRS can encompass any number of symptoms that occur after permanent teeth are removed for the sake of orthodontic treatment. It may cause the face to change shape, but that is only the cosmetic side of the issue. A broad range of physical and emotional problems may also occur.

ERRS occurs because after extractions, your orthodontist may have used devices to retract your teeth. That is to say, they used orthodontic appliances to close the gaps that were created when your teeth were removed, resulting in a straighter smile. However, the treatment may have also reduced the amount of space in your mouth and thereby affected both its function and aesthetics.

Do You Fit the Description?

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Do you think you are suffering from ERRS? If you had teeth removed before orthodontic treatment, and you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is possible that ERRS is affecting you:

How Dr. Gasper Can Help

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If you believe you are suffering from ERRS, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gasper. He will evaluate your jaw and teeth, and he will listen as you describe your symptoms. Then, he will get to work on designing a plan to re-open the extraction spaces. That means he will use functional orthodontics to re-open the spaces where the extracted teeth used to be. Then, dental implants and their accompanying crowns may be used to fill in the space he created so you won’t have to worry about your teeth drifting into the empty space or about the aesthetic concerns of having gaps in your smile.

After treatment, your oral anatomy will be more harmonious, and you should experience relief from the physical symptoms of ERRS. You may also notice that your smile is fuller, brighter, and more youthful.

The timeline for addressing ERRS is different for each patient. During your consultation, Dr. Gasper will let you know what you can expect during the journey ahead of you.

Are you ready to learn more about ERRS and how Dr. Gasper may be able to help you break free from it? Contact our team today. 

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