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How Dental Implants Work – Colorado Springs, CO

The Complete Process of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are one of the most popular replacement options for their impressive aesthetic and health benefits. However, many people don’t fully understand how they are used and what the process is like because they’re a newer solution. Unlike other dentists that have to refer patients to other dental offices for implants, Dr. Kenneth O. Gasper, II places and restores dental implants all over one roof! Keep reading to learn more about how dental implants work for Colorado Springs smile restorations and the process that makes them unique.  

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

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During your initial consultation, Dr. Gasper will examine the condition of your oral health, how many teeth you’re missing, and the strength of your jaw. Sometimes, certain oral health issues like gum disease need to be corrected before beginning the process. You also may need a bone graft if you have a weaker jawbone but still want implants. Once any preexisting issues are corrected, Dr. Gasper will plan out your treatment and schedule your surgery.

Dental Implant Surgery

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First, our expert team will make sure you’re relaxed and numb before beginning. We also offer various sedation options to eliminate any anxiety you may have. Then, Dr. Gasper will make small incisions in your gums to expose your jawbone. This is where he will drill holes into your jaw to place your dental implants. While this process may sound painful, your jawbone doesn’t contain pain-sensing nerves, which makes the surgery much more comfortable than expected.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment

Illustration of dental implant, abutment, and crown

Once Dr. Gasper has placed your dental implants, you’ll begin the osseointegration process that can take between 3 and 6 months. During this time, your dental implants integrate into your jawbone to become a permanent part of your body. This is possible because titanium is a biocompatible material, making it perfect for artificial tooth roots. During this waiting period, we will give you temporary restorations to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Once your implants are completely fused and healed, you will come back into our dental office, where Dr. Gasper will attach your abutments. These are small connectors that allow for the placement of dental restorations.

Placement of Dental Implant Restorations

After your dental implants have integrated into your jawbone and Dr. Gasper has attached your abutments, it’s time to restore your smile. The type of restoration that is placed will depend on how many teeth that you’re missing and your needs that were discussed in your initial consultation. Our team matches your dental restorations to your natural smile with custom-made ceramics to seamlessly complete your set of teeth. Once your restorations are placed, you’re ready to enjoy a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile.

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