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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry - Colorado Springs, CO

Painless & Precise Gum Treatment

mouth getting cleaning

Gum disease is actually the most common dental problem in the US, and it’s even the leading cause of tooth loss. More than 50% of the adult population currently has a mild to moderate form of it, and many are completely unaware because early symptoms are easy to miss. Factors like a lack of oral hygiene, smoking, stress, diabetes, pregnancy, and even puberty can make someone susceptible to developing it. Over time, this infection can literally destroy the soft tissues surrounding the teeth as well as the bone that supports them, causing multiple aesthetic and functional problems for the smile.

If your gums appear red, swollen, or bleed every time you brush your teeth, then you may already have gum disease. We’ll examine your gums every time you come to see us, and if we find signs of an infection, we may recommend that you undergo a deep cleaning. For this, our dental office uses a soft tissue laser dentistry in Colorado Springs to eliminate pockets of bacteria that can develop in the small spaces between the teeth and gums. The laser can help eliminate harmful bacteria from areas that are very difficult to reach using regular instruments, and it can do so while causing little to no pain or bleeding for a patient.

During a laser appointment, you will be given a mild anesthetic to ensure that you remain comfortable the entire time. After cleaning along your gum line and the roots of your teeth, the laser will be used to disinfect the “pockets” that have developed, eliminating infection while also lowering the chances of it coming back.

Treating gum disease this way has several advantages over more traditional methods (which often call for incisions and sutures). The laser is able to cauterize blood vessels as it works, keeping bleeding to a minimum, and patients report experiencing little to no discomfort during or after treatment.

If your gums are feeling more sensitive lately, or if you frequently see red in the sink when cleaning your teeth, then gum disease is likely the cause. Coming to see us soon will help us take care of the infection before it has a chance to really damage your gums and teeth, and if we need to use the laser, you can look forward to a smooth and pain-free process than ends with a much healthier smile. To schedule a laser appointment, give us a call today.

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