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Functional Orthodontics – Colorado Springs, CO

Choose a Comprehensive Approach to Orthodontics

At Aesthetic Dentistry by Design, Dr. Gasper uses a progressive orthodontic approach called functional orthodontics. This method helps guide a child’s facial growth and development to establish balance and harmony in the skeletal and neuromuscular system. Unlike traditional orthodontics, which solely focuses on straightening the teeth, functional orthodontics in Colorado Springs considers the patient’s entire face to deliver results that improve oral functions while also aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentistry by Design for Functional Orthodontics?

What is the Difference Between Traditional and Functional Orthodontics?

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The overall goal of traditional orthodontics is to straighten the teeth to create a beautiful smile. Functional orthodontics takes it a step further with a whole-patient approach. It not only considers the appearance of the teeth in relation to their position, but also the airway and occlusion (bite). Treatments are designed to move the teeth for a more attractive smile while also promoting a patient’s well-being.

Functional orthodontics can address several orthopedic aspects that may impact a patient’s quality of life, such as:

What is the Goal of Functional Orthodontics?

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Using the most modern treatment options, your dentist Dr. Gasper creates good-looking, balanced faces with full, beautiful smiles. He ensures the permanent teeth have enough room to erupt while also avoiding the manifestation of joint malfunction and misalignment.

As part of functional orthodontics, Dr. Gasper has the chance to treat problems related to a restricted airway, soft tissue interference, thumb-sucking, and tongue thrusting. He can also address issues that may contribute to TMJ-dysfunction later in life.

Treating these areas is key to helping patients achieve overall balance and harmony that did not previously exist. Dr. Gasper’s training has made him sought after for his expertise. He has even been featured in our own Gazette Magazine.

Functional Orthodontics Process

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It is recommended children begin functional orthodontics around the age of 4 or 5 because it works best when aligned with their growth and development. You can expect treatment to occur in two phases:

Learn More About Phase 1

Learn More About Phase 2

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