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Root Canals – Colorado Springs, CO

Restoring Your Smile & Improving Your Oral Health

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Do you have dental sensitivity or a severe toothache that you’re battling with? These are common symptoms of tooth infections that are hidden below the surface of your tooth, aggravating the sensitive nerves stored inside. To help relieve your pain and prevent the issue from progressing, Dr. Gasper or Dr. Orban may suggest root canal therapy. While this procedure has a notorious reputation for being painful, that’s not actually the case. We offer sedation dentistry and local anesthesia to make the process as pain-free and fast as possible. With our high-quality dental care, you’ll be able to continue enjoying your natural smile for years to come.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentistry | Espire Dental For Root Canals? 

What is Root Canal Therapy?

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Although root canals are daunting for most patients, they’re actually incredibly common procedures that have allowed our team to save countless patient’s natural teeth and restore their dental health. Usually, we recommend this treatment if our patients have experienced severe dental decay that has allowed harmful oral bacteria to access the inner chamber of their tooth and aggravate their pulp. When the problem isn’t addressed in a timely manner, the infection can spread to other teeth, and even other areas of your body, making it vital to address early on.

When you visit our office to solve your issue, we’ll remove the infected pulp of your tooth, sanitize the area, and fill it. This will seal it off and prevent bacteria from accessing it again. To make it easier to continue using that side of your mouth, we will top off your tooth with a protective crown that strengthens it. At Aesthetic Dentistry | Espire Dental, we offer same-day appointments for patients who are experiencing pain, so we’ll be able to ease your discomfort as soon as possible.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

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Every mouth is different, which means that there are a variety of symptoms you may experience that signal that you need a root canal in Colorado Springs. The typical sign that we see many patients experience is a severe toothache caused by upset infected pulp. Some additional symptoms you can keep an eye out for include:

If you notice any of these signs, contact your emergency dentist immediately. We will be able to provide you with over-the-phone first-aid guidance and examine your mouth that same day. Waiting until the last minute to address an issue as severe as an infection typically only makes the situation worse.

The Root Canal Procedure

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When you sit down in our treatment chair, our first priority is to make sure you’re comfortable. After examining your affected tooth and diagnosing the issue, we’ll determine whether root canal therapy is the best solution.

We’ll start the process by numbing the area of your mouth containing your damaged tooth using local anesthesia. That way, you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. Once we ensure that you’re completely numb, we’ll make a small access point in your damaged tooth so we can get to the inner chamber where your infected pulp is housed. Using small instruments, we’ll remove the pulp and sanitize the area to expel any lingering harmful oral bacteria. To rebuild the structure of your tooth, we’ll place composite resin inside of it.

We also offer CEREC same-day dental crowns to place atop your treated tooth to restore the function and strength of it. This will allow you to use it as you typically would without worrying about causing further damage to your mouth.

Root Canal FAQs

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Are you worried about getting a root canal? Dr. Kenneth Gasper uses the latest dental technology and techniques to make the process as comfortable and fast as possible. For your convenience, we’ve answered some of the common questions we receive from our patients below.

What is it like recovering from root canal therapy?

After your procedure, it’ll take awhile before your local anesthesia begins to wear off. When it does, you’ll likely feel some tenderness and pain related to the process of Dr. Gasper cleaning and sanitizing the inside of your tooth. This can usually be easily combatted by taking the medication we prescribe you, store-bought pain medication, or placing a cold compress on the inflamed and uncomfortable area of your mouth. Before you take any over-the-counter medicine, be sure to consult with Dr. Gasper.

As time goes by, you should notice the pain associated with your procedure begin to disappear. If you continue experiencing any pain, swelling, or bleeding for days following your treatment, be sure to contact our office. Once your tooth is treated and healed, we’ll place a custom-fitted dental crown on it to protect it from any further harm or discomfort.

Will I need sedation if I get a root canal?

Before your root canal begins, we’ll make sure that you don’t feel any pain by administering a local anesthetic. For patients who are incredibly anxious or nervous, we may also suggest sedation to help them feel relaxed and comfortable in the treatment chair. Dr. Gasper offers nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation on-site, so you can feel at-ease throughout the entire process. If you would like to explore the idea of sedation, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Does dental insurance cover root canals?

At Aesthetic Dentistry | Espire Dental, we are an in-network provider for several insurance plans. We also accept out-of-network insurance policies as well as offer dental savings plans. Depending on your unique insurance coverage, a root canal procedure may be partially paid for by your benefits. Typically, the cost of restorative treatments such as endodontic procedures, fillings, crowns, and dentures, are 40-75 percent covered. The best way to find out about your unique treatment is to speak to your insurance company directly. Our team will be more than happy to help you get a hold of them and answer any questions that you may have, if you’d like! 

What happens if I put off my root canal treatment?

Root canals are typically used to  treat infected teeth. If this issue isn’t addressed in a timely manner, it can spread to other areas of your mouth, cause your tooth to die, and will likely result in an extraction. That’s why we recommend that patients don’t wait long to get the treatment once they learn that they need it. If you’re worried about the process or would like to feel more at-ease during your time in our office, we offer a variety of comforts for your anxiety, such as sedation, Bose noise-cancelling headphones, comfortable neck pillows, and many other spa-like amenities.

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