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TMJ Therapy – Colorado Springs, CO

Stop Your Jaw Pain Today!

For patients dealing with a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, symptoms like a stiff and painful jaw, persistent headaches, and even neck or shoulder pain are everyday obstacles. About 75 million people suffer from these issues every year, and most have no clue it is because of their jaw joint being out of balance. If you have pain in your jaw, head, or neck and cannot figure out why, your jaw is likely the culprit. Dr. Kenneth O. Gasper II treats complications with TMJ therapy in Colorado Springs to give you the relief you need.

Why Choose Aesthetic Dentistry by Design for TMJ Therapy?

Signs You Might Have a TMJ Problem

woman with jaw pain

Your temporomandibular joint is located on either side of your face near your ears. The hinge-like joint connects your jaw to your skull. It allows you to perform everyday tasks, like chewing, speaking, and yawning. When the joint functions incorrectly, it can lead to a variety of symptoms. Some clear signs you might be dealing with a misaligned or strained joint can include:

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What Causes TMJ Dysfunction?

Model of skull and jawbone connection

It is estimated as much as 12% of the population will suffer from chronic jaw pain at some point. In some cases, it is the result of a past injury or arthritis; however, most often it is from a simpler issue, like an uneven bite. When the joint is out of alignment with the bones, muscles, and ligaments around it, it can lead to tension that quickly turns into pain.

Dr. Gasper is specially trained and certified to identify where the tension originates to adjust the position of the jaw to alleviate the pressure and stress. Dr. Gasper creates the customized treatment plan you need to stop your jaw pain in Colorado Springs.

How Can a Dentist Help?

Animation of jaw with red pain spot

Dr. Gasper can relieve pressure on your TMJ by realigning your bite to rest in a natural and more functional position. He can do this using one of two treatments:

Don’t Wait. Get Relief Now!

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You do not need to live with reoccurring jaw pain. You can get the relief you need at Aesthetic Dentistry by Design. Contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gasper for TMJ therapy.

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